We’re a Leader in tech & results-driven digital marketing solutions

ApexRDM is an award-winning tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider. Our team of world-class marketers, designers and developers will craft custom strategies to ensure that our client's success leads the way for their business growth. We are committed to delivering results based on identified goals - from increased revenue generation, lead conversion, or other specific metrics that matter most in today's competitive online marketplace.

We leverage our industry experience to develop full-service marketing strategies that are tailored for each client and include a combination of online channels. This customizable approach has been effective in providing tangible results; we've produced over one million leads, leading to more than $25 million in sales! Our team is carefully composed of seasoned professionals - marketers, developers & designers alike - so you can trust your business’s success is always top priority when working with us.

At ApexRDM, we’re dedicated to providing clients with tailored online strategies that empower them to reach their objectives. We've worked hard on our own proprietary tools and have crafted one of the most effective revenue acceleration platforms available - SMCloud. When you partner up with us as your digital marketing agency, you can be certain that your business will gain an individualized plan built around its unique requirements!


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Owner Statement

“It’s not about me, it's all for my clients. I want to be their champion and provide them with an experience that can't be matched by any other company in this industry."

Terrence Carter Founder & CEO of ApexRDM

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make it easier for businesses of all sizes, from new startups to established brands - no matter what their budget or goals may be! We do this through powerful marketing campaigns combined with advanced technology that connects you more effectively than ever before so your business can grow faster & scale higher...

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We're dedicated to providing innovative and effective digital marketing solutions that help businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering personalized service and exceptional results that exceed our clients' expectations. We believe in a collaborative approach that puts our clients at the center of everything we do - we'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a tailored strategy that meets your goals. Whether you need SEO services to improve your search engine rankings, local SEO to target customers in your area, social media marketing to build your brand and engage with your audience, or website design and marketing to enhance your online presence, we've got the skills and expertise to make it happen. Our mission is to empower businesses to succeed through digital marketing, and we're passionate about delivering results that make a real difference. With ApexRDM by your side, the possibilities are limitless - let's work together to achieve your vision.

Apex’s Value

Your Growth & Innovation Engine : We are a results-driven, innovative engine and a competitive edge to your small business. Our data-driven approach gives us clarity on what works and drives in high-value MQLs. We use disruptive growth marketing for rapid customer acquisition. We integrate organic marketing with paid advertising so you get the best results and ROI at a fraction of the cost.

Apex’s Vision

Our vision is to equip businesses of all sizes with the innovative marketing strategies and savvy solutions needed for long-term success. We strive to deliver results that are guaranteed to create ROI, enabling small business owners around the world reach their goals and maximize growth potential.

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do…
Our Strategies, Processes, Services & Culture.

Build your career with ApexRDM

Our team is composed of some of the finest minds in marketing, design, development & data analysis. It's this passion for success that has enabled us to build an impressive portfolio filled with remarkable projects you can be proud of. Come join a collaborative culture where everyone works together towards making something great — and make your mark on web history!

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